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How does Social Monitor work?

What is Social Monitor?

Social Monitor is part of the SERPed Agency membership add-on. The tool, as the name suggests, allows you to monitor social activity and track social performance. You can learn more about this add-on here or by clicking on the "Agency" button in the top menu inside the members area.

How does Social Monitor work?

First, you will need to select a site. This can be your own site, or a client's site. Then you will need to connect it to the social platform(s) of your choice.

Social Monitor currently works with:

Pinterest (coming soon)

Once connected, Social Monitor will start fetching information from the platforms you connected to and generate beautiful and meaningful social media performance reports for you or your clients to review.

Facebook Reports

As you can see in the screenshots below, there are plenty of useful metrics and graphs, including but not limited to, engagement stats, page impressions, net likes, active fans, post impressions, post performance, audience age and gender, audience location, audience language...

Twitter Reports

Here as well you can access a variety of useful information provided by Twitter including tweets and mentions over time, tweet frequency, audience engagement, tweet performance...

LinkedIN Reports

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIN provides plenty of useful data, about your followers, their location, company statistics, impressions, engagement stats... We also included post analytics, so you can see which of your posts perform the best.

YouTube Reports

Just like other platforms, YouTube provides tons of useful information, including but not limited to channel engagement, views, shares and likes, top videos, top locations and much more.

Instagram Reports

For Instragram, there is also plenty of information, including but not limited to impressions, reach, number of followers, number of new followers and much more.

All of the reports are Web-based reports, accessible from the members area. You can give your clients access to these Web-based reports via the dashboards you create for your clients or you can download PDF reports and send them to your clients by email.

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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