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How to Create a Team Account?

What is a team account?

When using SERPed for your business, there may be times when you want to give access to your SERPed account to your employees or consultants. To achieve this, you do not have to share your username and password but instead you can create a team account for them. With team account you can:

Give access to your team without sharing the main account username or password;
Set permissions for each team members limiting what each team member can do;
Revoke access by simply removing the team member from your account.

How to create a team account?

To create a team account simply follow the below steps:

Click on your profile picture and select Team to open up the team dashboard.

If you have not created a team account before you will see the button Add New Team Account. If you have already created a team account, then you will see the list of your team accounts. Simply click on the blue + button at the top right of the page to create another one. Note that the number of team accounts that can be created depends on your membership plan.

A modal window will open up for you to fill in the details of your team member, set their username and password, as well as set access permission for the team member. You can select between Full Access, View Access and No Access for each specific tool. Once done, click on Create Team Account.

A team account will then be created with the username and password that you have set which you can then give to your team member. To edit access, simply click on the team member's name and a modal window will open up for you to edit permission settings.

To revoke access to the team account, you can simply delete the team account by clicking on the bin icon on the right of the team member's user name.

Updated on: 12/05/2022

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