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How to use Aged Domain Finder?

What is Aged Domain Finder?

Aged Domain Finder helps you find high quality aged domains that match your criteria. It's a cool and easy way to find powerful aged domains for your blog networks, niche sites or even a new project.

Discovering expired or expiring domains is only the first step. With Aged Domain Finder, you will also be able to check their metrics, which will enable you to eliminate the risk of buying poor quality domains that may lose value soon after your purchase.

Where do the domains come from in Aged Domain Finder?

We get domains for a variety of popular and less-known sources.

What sort of data is shown by Aged Domain Finder?

Aged Domain Finder shows Moz and Majestic metrics for each discovered domain as well as its age, current price, inbound links and more.

To explore even more metrics such as Trust Ratio, backlink quality and more you can send the domain to Site Explorer with one click.

How to use Aged Domain Finder?

Click on the blue + button at the top right corner of the page and complete the search form:

Note that:

You can choose between expiring and expired domains,
Enter a keyword (optional),
Set minimum and maximum attributes eg. Moz Page Authority (optional),
Select TLDs (compulsory),
Save your search as a template (optional).

On the results page, you can see the list of domains as well as key metrics. You can sort domains by age, price, metrics, time left (if expiring) or any other available attribute.

You will be able to see key metrics such as the Moz Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, as well as the Majestic Citation Flow and Trust Flow, number of backlinks and more. You can also see the Majestic graph, with the click of a mouse.

If there is a domain that you like, you can send it to Site Explorer or Backlinks Explorer to check its metrics and backlinks in more detail, in just a couple of clicks.

If you are ready to bid on the domain, or purchase it, go back to the results page and simply click on "View Listing" in the menu on the right.

You can select which columns you want to include/exclude in search results tables.

For example, you could decide to hide the "PA" (Page Authority) column. To do so, simply click the cog at the top right of the table. A modal will appear. This is where you can tick/untick the columns you want to include/exclude.

There is also a list of search templates that you can see when opening Aged Domain Finder. This table includes a lot of information, including the criteria you selected when doing the search for the first time. This will help you easily find the template(s) you are looking for.

And that's how you can use Aged Domain Finder to find high quality aged domains...

Updated on: 12/01/2021

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