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How can I update my billing information?

At, we don't handle, store or access your credit card or payment information in any way. We use third-party, industry-leading payment providers, including ClickBank and Paddle.

If you signed up using ClickBank

If you signed up using ClickBank as a payment method, here is a step-by-step guide on how to update your credit card details:

Go to!/
Click on the 'Look Up Your Order' button and enter the email address you used at checkout.
Enter a 'Personal Verification' (Order Number, Last 4 of payment method or ZIP).
Click on the 'Go' button.
On the Order Detail page, click on the 'Edit' button next to your current payment method. You will then be directed to the 'Update Your Subscription Payment Information' page.
Enter your new billing information.
Click on the 'Update' button.

If you signed up using Paddle

If you signed up using paddle as a payment method, you must contact Paddle directly. Briefly explain that you would like to update your billing information. They should get back to you within 24 business hours.

If you experience issues or can't update your billing information, for any reason, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Updated on: 11/01/2021

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