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What add-on credits packages are available for purchase?

The following add-on credits packages are available for purchase as of 1st of July 2023:

ToolNo. of creditsPrice (per mth)ToolNo. of creditsPrice (per mth)
Aged Domain Finder300$7.50Backlinks Explorer25$15.00
Aged Domain Finder500$12.50Backlinks Explorer50$30.00
Aged Domain Finder1000$25.00Backlinks Explorer100$49.80
---------Backlinks Explorer200$80.40
Domain Hacker100$6.00Exact Match Domains100$18.00
Domain Hacker500$30.00Exact Match Domains500$90.00
Domain Hacker800$48.00Exact Match Domains800$144.00
Expired Scraper20$10.00Instant Check5,000$15.00
Expired Scraper60$30.00Instant Check10,000$24.90
Expired Scraper100$45.00---------
Keyword Analyzer50$10.00Mobile Prospector50$10.00
Keyword Analyzer250$30.00Mobile Prospector150$27.00
Keyword Analyzer500$50.00Mobile Prospector250$40.00
Rank Tracker1,000$10.00---------
Rank Tracker2,500$20.00Site Explorer20$10.00
Rank Tracker5,000$40.00Site Explorer100$45.00
Rank Tracker10,000$70.00Site Explorer200$75.00
Rank Tracker20,000$100.00---------
Top Expiring Domains300$7.50Ultimate Research50$9.00
Top Expiring Domains500$12.50Ultimate Research100$17.10
Top Expiring Domains1,000$25.00Ultimate Research200$28.80
What Ranks Where100$6.00YouTube Tracker100$8.00
What Ranks Where500$30.00YouTube Tracker500$32.00
What Ranks Where800$48.00YouTube Tracker2,000$80.00
Site Manager, Uptime Monitor & Web Analytics20$10.00
Site Manager, Uptime Monitor & Web Analytics100$50.00
Site Manager, Uptime Monitor & Web Analytics200$75.00

To purchase an add-on credits package:

Click on your profile picture at the top right of the dashboard and select "Subscriptions".

Click on "Manage Subscription".

Select "Purchase Credits".

Select the tool and credits package that you would like to purchase and you will be taken to our payment processor to complete the purchase.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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