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What is Domain Hacker?

What is Domain Hacker?

Domain Hacker allows you to search for domain names in over 120 Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and find some that no one ever thought of registering.

How to Use Domain Hacker?

Select Domain Hacker, which is located under the Domain Finding category in the TOOLS menu.

Click on the blue + button at the top right of the page and a search form will open up. Fill in the project name and the words that you want find domain names for. You can enter up to 5 words per search.

If the .com domain is not available, Domain Hacker will recommend hundreds of alternative TLDs such as .co, .io, .me and more. The tool will even break up your words and recommend alternative domain names based on the words you entered.

When the domain is available, click on the 3-dot icon on the right of the result and you will see links to the websites where you can register it.

That's it. That's how you can use Domain Hacker and find a suitable domain name for your next project.

Updated on: 17/11/2021

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