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How to add a site to Site Manager

How to add a site to Site Manager?

To add a site, open the Projects & Sites menu and click on Add Site.

You can also add a site by selecting Site Manager from the Tools menu.

Once inside Site Manager, click on the blue + button at the top right hand side of the page to add a site.

Next you will need to assign your site to a Project. You can select from an already created Project or create a new Project.

Fill in the following information:

Site Name
Site URL
Registrar (optional) i.e. where the domain is registered.
Hosting Provider (optional) i.e. where the site is hosted.
Status (optional) These are terms that will be used in the management of your site and is completely up to you, e.g. In development, Offline, Online and so on.
Country and Language i.e. the country and language that your site is targeting.
Connect to Google My Business (optional), or simply add the Business Name and Phone Number (as shown in Google) to unlock a few perks like the ability to track local rankings.

Add Keywords (optional)

Main Keyword i.e. the main keyword that you would like to rank for.
Other Keywords that you would like to rank for i.e. keywords that you think people might be typing (Google Search Console import function available).

Add Competitors (Optional)

You can add up to 3 competitors. If you don't know who your competitors are, you can make use of our Suggest Competitors option or search your main keyword in Google, ignore authority sites (Wikipedia, etc.) and manually add the competitors that rank in the search results. You can even add the Business Name and Phone Number of your competitors, in case you want to track their local rankings as well.

Connect to SERPed Tools (optional)

You will then be given the option to connect the site to some of our SERPed Tools:

What Ranks Where - Find out what keywords and phrases the site ranks for.
Rank Tracker - Track the search engine rankings of the site.
Local Tracker - Track the local rankings of the site. Note that to do this, you must first connect the site to Google My Business OR add the Business Name and Phone Number as shown in Google.
Web Analytics - Our alternative to Google Analytics, perfect to use if you have niche sites and don't want Google to tie them together or if you want to limit Google's access to your site.
Backlinks Explorer - See the backlink profile of the site and get the metrics of each backlink.
Uptime Monitor - Check if your site is online and will send you notification if it is not.
Site Crawler - Explore the inner link profile of the site.
SERPed Agency - Add the site to your Agency interface (Agency add-on required)

Note that the number of credits available for each tool is dependent on your membership plan. More information about each tool and how to use them can be found in separate articles.

Click Finish and you are done! That's how you add a site to Site Manager.

Updated on: 15/01/2021

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