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How to Use Cashflow Manager?

What is Cashflow Manager?

Cashflow Manager is a tool that can help you stay up to date with your business's financial projections without spending hours doing so. All incomes and expenses can be added to the system with just a few clicks and cashflow projections are then showcased in easy-to-understand graphs. You can also create a simple list of assets and liabilities for business reports or meetings.

How to Use Cashflow Manager?


From the TOOLS menu, select Cashflow Manager.

Select the site that you want to create cashflow projections for and then select the CASHFLOW tab.

Under the Income section, input the projected income and date of expected payment of the income and click SAVE NEW for each entry. Once you click SAVE NEW, a new line will appear and you will be able to add the next entry. For example, let's say you are a starting out business with monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription plans and you project an income of 30 members on the $100 monthly plan, 10 members on the $270 quarterly plan and 5 members on the $1000 yearly plan. You would then enter the projected income as per image below:

If you need to edit the entry after having already saved it, you can just make the edit and click on the save icon at the right of the entry to save the changes you made. To delete the entry, simply click on the bin icon.

For expenses, follow the same step as you did with income and enter your projected expenses and payment date under the Expenses section. For example, continuing with the starting out business above with projected expenses of $300 per week, $500 per month and $2000 per quarter. You would enter the projected expenses as per below image:

Once you have completed entering your projected income and expenses, you can view the projected cashflow graph in the OVERVIEW tab. You can select the period that you want to view the cashflow projection by selecting the dates at the top right of the page. You can also view projected income only or projected expense only graphs as well.

Click on the REPORTING tab to view a list of the per day projected income and expenses as well as graphs. You can also generate a PDF report by clicking the GENERATE button at the bottom of this page, which will also give you a print out of the projected cashflow graph.


To create a list of your business's assets and liabilities, select the ASSET & LIABILITIES tab and simply input details of your assets and liabilities. You can printout the list of assets and liabilities by clicking the PRINT button at the bottom of the page.

Note that Cashflow Manager is not an accounting tool and is a simple tool intended to give businesses a quick simple overview of cashflow projections.

Updated on: 28/06/2022

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