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How to restore old websites with Content Restorer?

What is Content Restorer?

Content Restorer allows you to restore the content of almost any website with just a few clicks and save yourself hours of work. The tool browses the Internet archive for different versions of almost any website. You can then download the HTML files of this website in the form of a ZIP file. Upload this ZIP file to your host, unzip it and enjoy a fully developed website.

For example, when buying expired domains, you have two options. You can either build a new website or blog from scratch, or you can with Content Restorer, restore the website as it was in its previous condition.

How to use Content Restorer?

From the TOOLS menu, under Other Tools, select Content Restorer.

Click on the blue + button at the top right of the page and enter the URL of the website that you want to restore.

Our tool will then provide you with a list of versions that are available for restoration. Select the version that you want to restore and you will be shown a snapshot of the website at that date.

Alternatively, if you already know the Wayback Machine URL of the version you would like to restore, then you can enter the URL directly.

Enter the email address where the zip file is to be sent and click SEND. That's it, once the zip file is ready, it will be emailed to you. You can also download the file by going to the Content Restorer's history page and clicking on the download icon at the right of each restored website.

Updated on: 14/01/2022

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