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What is Social Exchanger?

What is Social Exchanger?

Social Exchanger is a marketplace where you can publish offers, asking other SERPed members to engage with your content on popular social media platforms, for example:

Reviews & Ratings: Amazon product reviews, Google local business reviews, etc.
Comments: YouTube comments, FourSquare comments, etc.
Questions: Amazon questions, etc.
Connect: like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account, follow an Instagram account, etc.
Simple Actions: share/like a Facebook post, tweet/retweet a message, like an Instagram image, etc.
Others: anything that does not fit into the categories above

In return for performing the tasks, members earn credits which they can use to create their own tasks that other SERPed members can perform. The idea behind Social Exchanger is to team up with other members and tap into their audience to achieve your goal.

How to Create a Task?

From the TOOLS Menu, select Social Exchanger.

On the Social Exchanger page, you can select to view:

All Tasks - A list of all tasks that have been created by SERPed members
My Tasks - A list of tasks created by you
My Actions - A list of tasks that you have performed
Your Stats - Stats and graphs of tasks created and performed by you
Global Stats - Stats and graphs of tasks created and performed by all SERPed members
Achievements Leaderboard - List of Top 10 members based on tasks created and performed

To create a new task, click on the blue + button at the top right of the page and fill out the form, providing details of the task to be performed, whether or not you need proof of completion, number of actions, number of points per action, hours to complete the task and so on. Note you can also provide details that only members who take on the task will be able to see. You can also load previously created tasks, so if you want to create a task similar to one you created in the past, you don't have to enter all the information again.

There is also an option that allows you to specify a keyword and a search engine, so the people who take your task can search for your page in Google (organic traffic), as opposed to copying/pasting your link (direct traffic). That way you are sure they don't leave any footprints.

Once you have provided all necessary information that members need to know to perform the task, click CREATE. Your task will then appear in the list of tasks available for all SERPed members to perform.

Note that all members start with a certain number of credits that they can use to create tasks in Social Exchanger. The number of credits varies depending on the membership subscription package.

Performing a Task

If you want to perform a task someone else created, simply click on the View Task button.

Read the instructions and click the Assign Task button.

Once you have assigned the task, you will be able to view any additional information that the task creator provided as well as communicate with the task creator in the event that you have any questions. Once you have perform the task, mark the action as complete and Submit Message. The task creator will then be notified that you have completed the task and can check and approve the task. You will then be allocated the credits for performing the task.

Updated on: 29/12/2021

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