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Why There is NO Search Volume For Certain Keywords

You may have noticed that when using our Keyword Research tools, Ultimate Research for example, you don't get any search volume data for certain keywords, which shows up as "N/A".

This is because Google has restrictions in place preventing anyone from obtaining search volume data for these keywords whether directly through Google's Keyword Planner or through the Google Ads API. The reason for this can usually be found by checking Google's Advertising Policies, in particular their Dangerous Products or Services Policy, which disallows ads relating to certain products and services that Google considers as dangerous. Search volume data for terms associated with these product and services are often restricted.

There is no clear rule or policy from Google on what specific terms are restricted from obtaining search volume data for, but the most common ones are related to drugs, adult content, counterfeit goods, certain weapons and bitcoin terms.

Note that sometimes it may be possible to obtain search volume data by varying the keyword slightly. For example, the term "bitcoin wallet" is restricted but not the term "bitcoins wallet".

You can make use of our Long Tail Keywords tool to try and search for related terms that may not be restricted. You can read more about how to use this tool here.

Although we are not able to provide the search volume data for certain keywords due to Google's restrictions, please note that other information relating to the keyword are still provided. For example, with our Keyword Analyzer tool, you can still get data, including Moz and Majestic metrics, the number of inbound links, domain age and social signals for the Top 10 search results for the restricted term. You can read more about how to use this tool here.

Updated on: 02/08/2021

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