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How to Connect Email Marketing Platforms or Third Party Autoresponders to Site Auditor Forms?

As part of our Site Auditor Pro tool, users have the option to connect their audit form to an email marketing platform, like Platformly, GetResponse, Ontraport, SendReach, Aweber, MailChimp or Keap. If you connect, the leads you receive via the site audit form will be automatically added to your CRM. You can read more about Site Auditor Pro here.

How to connect to an email marketing platform?

To connect to an email marketing platform, for example Platformly, you will need the API key from your Platformly (or other platform) account. Copy and paste the API key and click Validate API Key.

For other platforms like AWeber, you will need to click Connect with SERPed and you will then be asked to login to your account and allow access.

How to connect to a third party autoresponder?

To connect to another third party autoresponder that is not specifically listed, for example ActiveCampaign, you will need to provide the "form code" from the third party autoresponder. Please note that you must make sure that the fields of this form code match the fields of your Site Auditor Pro optin form.

Each third party autoresponder will have their own process for creating forms and obtaining the form code. You can normally find information about the process and where to go to find the form code in their Help section. For example, for ActiveCampaign you can find the information here. If you are not able to find the form code, we suggest you contact their support team directly to find out.

Once you have added the form code, click Saved Details & Next. That's it! You have now connected the audit form to the third party platform.

If you have any questions or problems connecting a site audit form to a third party platform, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the orange light bulb at the top of the members' page and selecting "Submit a Ticket".

Updated on: 10/02/2022

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