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What is Site Auditor Pro & How to Use it?

What is Site Auditor Pro?

Site Auditor Pro is part of our Client Acquisition tool suite, which can be used to convert leads into prospects and prospects into clients. With this tool, you can offer a free webpage audit to your visitors, in exchange for their contact details.

How does Site Auditor Pro work?

Site Auditor Pro allows you to create an opt-in form to offer a free webpage audit in exchange for contact details. You can embed this opt-in form on any page of your site or blog, either manually or using our WordPress plugin. Alternatively, you can create a landing page (with an opt-in form) instead of just an opt-in form.

How to use Site Auditor Pro?

Go to Site Auditor Pro, which is located under the Client Acquisition section, in the TOOLS menu.

Click on the blue + icon to create an audit form. Fill in your audit form name.

Select a company profile

Select a company profile from those previously created or create a new profile. Our audit reports are completely white-labeled, which means they don't mention anywhere, and can be customized to show your brand (including your logo) and contact details.

Customize your audit report

Select a Language - The reports are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Swedish and a few other languages.

Select Sections to include - You can decide what section from our list you want to include and exclude in your audit report. For example, you might want to include all sections, except the "Code Analysis" section:

Choose a Background - This is the background that will be displayed to your visitor while the report is being generated. When the report is ready, it freezes and the opt-in form will then appear. There are 3 options: No Background, Static Image or Animated Background.

Choose the Maximum Number of Reports that can be generated per email address.

Include Suggested Tasks - Site Auditor Pro can generate suggested tasks based on the results of the audit. You can either include or exclude this from your report. You can also add your own tasks which will show below the suggested tasks.

Write a Summary - You can use our default summary or write your own.

Select a Team Member Profile - You can select a team member profile if you want it to show on the report.

Customize your optin process

Once you have customized your report, you will be able to customize your opt-in form.

For example, you may want to ask for a Name, Email Address and Phone Number, or just for an Email Address. This is completely up to you.

In our example, here is what the opt-in form will look like:

You can also set up a redirect to a thank you page, add wordings to take GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) into account, change the content of the email that will be automatically sent and more.

Customize your audit form

From this section, you can customize your audit form. This is the form your visitors will first see, i.e. the one that offers them a free website audit.

In our example, here is what the the offer will look like:

Embed the code in your site or blog

Once you have customized your report and opt-in process, it's time to copy the embed code and paste it anywhere you want to insert the opt-in form in your site or blog. You may embed the form in an existing page, or create a landing page (with an opt-in form), depending on your needs.

Please note that you also have the option to build an audit form using our WordPress Plugin. To download the plugin, simply go to your My Profile section of your account and click on the API/Plugins tab. You may also download it from WP Manager, which is located under Other Tools in the "TOOLS" menu.

Connect your autoresponder (optional)

Connect to an email marketing platform, like, GetResponse, Ontraport, Aweber or Mailchimp. If you connect, the leads you receive via this form will be automatically added to your CRM.

Collect your leads

If you don't connect to any email marketing platform, you will find all your leads listed in this section, so you can then contact them.

That's how you can generate leads with Site Auditor Pro.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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