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How to monitor your website with Uptime Monitor

What is Uptime Monitor?

Uptime Monitor lets you monitor any website's uptime and response time.

What is Uptime?

Uptime is the time that a website or web service is available to users in a given period. A website that consistently fails to load, due to server failure or other issues not only makes for poor user experience but can also negatively affect search engine rankings. The downtime of a website can have a long-lasting negative effect, with visitors leaving your site and never returning, lost revenue and lower search engine rankings.

What is Response Time?

Response time is how long it takes for your web server to connect and send data to an end-user browser. A delay of around 5 or 6 seconds is problematic as a user will typically leave your website in this amount of time.

With Uptime Monitor, you can set it up so that an internal notification or an email is sent:

When your site is unreachable by visitors.
When the response time of your site increases by more than X seconds, for example 4 seconds.

How to Add a Site to Uptime Monitor?

You can add a site to Uptime Monitor when adding it to Site Manager. Simply toggle on the Uptime Monitor button at the "Add Site to Tools" stage. You can read more about how to add a site to Site Manager here.

If you did not enable Uptime Monitor when adding the site to Site Manager, simply select Uptime Monitor from the Tools menu. You will then be directed to the Uptime Monitor dashboard where you will see a list of sites that you are currently monitoring, the global uptime and global response time of all sites, as well as the individual uptime and response time of each site. Click on the blue + button a the top right of the page, select the site that you want to monitor and it will be added to the list of currently monitored sites.

Click on the mini graph for the monitored site and you will be able to view a graph of the site's uptime performance over a period of time, as well as a table showing the periods when the site was up, when it was down and for how long the site was up or down for.

You can set up internal and/or email alert notifications for the site you are monitoring via the Notifications & Alerts section. You can read more about how to set this up here.

Updated on: 25/10/2021

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