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In Depth Rankings Report

What is an In Depth Rankings Report?

An In Depth Rankings Report is a detailed ranking report that users can genearate using our Rank Tracker or Local Tracker tool. You can customize and design the report to suit your needs, using our report builder.

You can learn more about our Rank Tracker tool and how to use it here.

Customizing and Generating an In Depth Rankings Report

Select Rank Tracker from our list of tools. You will land on the Overview page, where you will see the list of sites that you are currently tracking.

Select a site from the drop-down menu located at the top left. Note that a site must first be added via the Site Manager tool, before it will appear on the list of sites that can be selected. You can read about how to add a site here.

Select Reports from the list and then under In-Depth Reports, click GENERATE NOW.

You will then be taken to the report builder page where you can customize the report as follows:

Step 1 - Report Design

Here you can select the report design template you want to use, the report design color, enter your company's information, select text alignment, set the report period you want to show data for and write an introduction to your report.

Step 2 - Site Manager (Optional)

This section of the report will show information about the site, pages and backlinks of the site. You can choose what information you want the report to include or exclude, such as Site URL, On-Site Analysis, Main Keyword, Competitors, Other Keywords, Tasks and Notes. You can also add your own additional description and information about the Site to this section.

Step 3 - Rank Tracker

This section of the the report will show search engine rankings over the selected period of time. You can choose what information you want the report to include or exclude, such as Ranking Pages, Keyword Lists, various graphs and much more.

Step 4 - Other Tracker (Optional)

You can select to include or exclude YouTube rankings from your report.

Step 5 - Conclusion

Here you can add any other additional information you wish as well as your final conclusion and preview the report.

Step 6 - Automation (optional)

Once you are happy with the format, information and details of your report, you can:

Set up an automation schedule for the report to be sent out, so your clients receive them at the frequency of your choice; OR
If you do not want to set up an automation, then you can Save & Generate the Report which will then be available in your list of Reports as a URL link or to download in PDF format.

That's how you can generate an In Depth Rankings Report for your website or your client's website with our Rank Tracker tool.

Updated on: 17/12/2021

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