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What is YouTube Tracker & How to Use it?

What is YouTube Tracker?

YouTube Tracker is a tool that allows you to track your YouTube rankings. With YouTube Tracker, you get detailed ranking tables and historical data so you can see where your videos or clients' videos rank in YouTube for the keywords of your choice and how the rankings evolve. Rankings are updated every 5 days.

You will also be able to track the numbers of views, likes, dislikes and comments over time, as well as your competitors' rankings, so you can compare your progress to theirs.

Please note that you can use YouTube Tracker to track any YouTube video be it your own video, your client's video or even your competitor's video.

How to Use YouTube Tracker?

In the TOOLS menu, select YouTube Tracker.

You will be taken to an Overview Dashboard that shows a summary for all the videos that your are tracking, including data like the Average Position, Ranking Fluctuations, Average Video Statistics, Position Breakdown...

To add a new YouTube video, click on the blue + button at the top right hand side of the page and fill in the name (for internal use) and URL of the YouTube video.

The video will be added to the list of videos you are tracking and you will be taken to the Keyword View section, where you can input the keyword(s) that you want to check rankings for.

Click on the blue + button to add new keywords. In the Add Keywords form, fill in the keyword(s) you want to track rankings for, the Target Country, Target Language and select whether you want to track the keyword(s) in Rank Tracker as well. You can read more about Rank Tracker here. You can track more than one keyword at a time but note that each keyword search costs 1 credit.

The system will then start to check positions. It may takes a few minutes for this process to complete. Once done you will be able to see:

The video's numbers of views, likes, dislikes and comments.
The video's latest rankings (at last checked date), ranking fluctuations, Google Search Volume, Pay Per Click Competition and Cost per Click. You will also see when the next check is scheduled for. Note a check is automatically done every 5 days.

Click on the Graph button to view a graph showing the changes in views, likes, dislikes and comments over time.

Click on the 3-dot icon on the right of the keyword result and you will be given the option to:

View History Graph - This will show the changes in ranking over time.

Analyze Top 10 - This will give you the Top 10 YouTube videos for the keyword and useful information such as the upload date, Moz metrics, numbers of views, likes, dislikes and comments...

If you want to track and compare a competitor's video, select Competitors from the left hand menu and add the competitor's video URL. The system will then also track the competitor's video and you will be able to see the YouTube rankings, ranking fluctuations, numbers of views, likes, dislikes and comments for your competitor's video as well. You will also be able to see a comparison graph for the YouTube rankings, views, likes, dislikes and comments.

That's it for YouTube Tracker. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team.

Updated on: 09/07/2021

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